The Parks and Recreation Department in partnership with professional consultants will develop a citywide Parks Master Plan as a policy document that will guide the direction of recreation facilities, programs and services for the next 10 years and beyond.

The final Parks Master Plan is expected to be completed in 2025.

Master Plan Scope

Evaluate • Assess • Prioritize

The Master Plan will include several key focus areas through a process of:

  • Evaluating and Taking Inventory  of existing parks, recreation programming and facilities with an emphasis on water conservation strategies and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).
  • Assessing community demographics and recreation trends to ensure delivery of quality programs and services equitably across the city.
  • Identifying how the department prioritizes funding.

Water Conservation Strategies

The Master Plan will assess 25 parks across Phoenix for water conservation strategies which will include:

  • Turf evaluation based on non-functional and maintenance-based criteria.
  • Evaluate the Calsense system already in place at various parks for peak season program settings, irrigation controllers, and effective remote monitoring and management.
  • Provide a reference guideline to assist parks maintenance staff with Standard Operation and Maintenance for irrigation systems.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

The master plan will include an evaluation of park experience and sense of safety. Utilization of CPTED standards will serve as a lens through which park safety is evaluated and then recommendations made that best serve Phoenix residents.

The following factors will be considered:

  • Evidence of illicit or unauthorized uses
  • Road/traffic calming measures
  • Natural surveillance/eyes on the park
  • Mitigation of views and noise from surrounding land uses
  • Access to drinking fountains
  • Shade, lighting at major amenity areas
  • Variety of spaces for passive and active uses
  • Character uniqueness

Recreation Programs

Recreation programs and events are the heart of park and recreation agencies. The assessment will ensure program offerings align with community needs in a diverse, equitable and inclusive manner. It will provide a dynamic recreation program plan to increase customer satisfaction and help focus programming efforts in core program areas to create program excellence deemed most important by the Phoenix community.

Community Engagement

The Master Plan process will provide an opportunity for a diverse range of community engagement to reach as many Phoenix residents as possible.
  • A dedicated Master Plan multilingual website
  • Community focus groups with community leaders and stakeholders, including youth
  • Workshop series including community members, Parks and Recreation Board and department staff, Village Planning Committees
  • Community interactive surveys at special events and youth pop-up events
  • Neighborhood, park, and facility canvassing
  • A Citywide survey completed by community members conducted by phone or mail

City Partners

City of Phoenix key stakeholders and leadership will also be engaged in the Master Plan process:

  • Mayor and City Council Offices
  • Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board
  • City Committees including Phoenix Parks and Preserves Initiative, Village Planning, Aquatics Advisory
  • Other City departments including Water, Sustainability, Planning and Development, Heat Response and Mitigation, Streets Transportation, Arts and Culture, Environmental Programs, Community and Economic Development
City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Master Plan
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